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Litigation & Mediation: The Hybrid Method

This article is a follow-up to our series on the different ways divorce can be settled. This article was written by Daryl Er, an intern of OTP Law Corporation, and…

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Protection from Online Falsehoods and Manipulation Act 2019: What is its impact on legitimate businesses?

This article is written by Mr Lim Seng Siew of OTP Law Corporation and Eric Lip, a trainee of OTP Law Corporation. mage: [] Ever since the Protection From Online…

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Portrait of the Old Timer – The Not-So-Private-Nor-Secret Life of a Sole Proprietor of a Singapore Law Practice 1990-2018 (with 2-year hiatus 2005-2007)

Written By: Ong Ying Ping of Ong Ying Ping Esquire - An Affiliate of PracticeForte Advisory. This article was first published on PracticeForte's website: As my late pupil master…

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Our Director Mr. Lim Seng Siew as one of the panelist at the Singapore Academy of Law’s Panel Discussion

PracticeForte Advisory Affiliate Lim Seng Siew of OTP Law Corporation as one of the panelist at the Singapore Academy of Law's Panel Discussion: Next Generation Small and Medium sized Law…

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Mediation for Hague Convention and Relocation Cases

The Unfortunate Chronicle of TSF v TSE. If you want a grim illustration of how cross-border child cases can devolve, you need look no further than the recent Court of…

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Our heartiest congratulations to our director Mr. Lim Seng Siew, a recipient of the Singapore Academy of Law Merit Award!

Mr. Lim Seng Siew accepting the Singapore Academy of Law Merit Award from the Chief Justice at the Singapore Academy of Law 30th Anniversary Dinner. Inaugurated in 2008, Singapore Academy…

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