In the beginning, life at OTP Law Corporation started in Infotech, Commercial and Family Law.

Except possibly for Mylene, we love technology, but only as its masters not servants. We like working with techies whether as their lawyers or their clients or even as co-creators.   Our precedent partner is also the resident geek who almost chose MIT before deciding on NUS Law School and Singapore food. He now compensates by sitting in all the IT committees when approached. And that is many and often.

Commercial law has come to be our specialisation in the trying of shareholders disputes, and commercial sense is what we bring to the deal-making for our clients.

Family disputes and matrimonial issues have been an area of our practice since the beginning. We fondly recall our first hamper from a grateful divorce client and also how these cases were once heard in the High Court.

Besides the above, our firm also has established strengths in major practice areas.

Though we love the law and practice it with a passion, we don’t think it makes good sense for our clients to pay us for all the time we want to spend on their cases. Where possible we have moved away from time costs billings and now use the more sensible approach of fair and fixed periodic billing covering the stages of work completed. It is only in exceptional situations that we revert to time costs.

PracticeForte Advisory

pf-logoOTP Law Corporation is now part of PracticeForte Advisory. This is a multi-disciplinary group of independent small firms providing professional services in diverse areas ranging from law to accounting and finance, from tax to forensics and business advisory, amongst others.

PracticeForte Advisory is managed by PracticeForte Private Limited collaboratively to provide a focused delivery of broader services required by firms and their clients.