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Corporate & Commercial

Trade is the lifeblood of Singapore. Many of our small and medium sized (SME) clients are involved in trade, whether trading in goods or providing their services to an ever-growing international market. They come to us for our lawyers’ wide-ranging experience in ‘right-sizing’ a solution for their commercial needs. As our SME clients grow and look to invest overseas, they again look to our lawyers as their trusted advisors to advise them about the best approach on how to structure such foreign direct investments (FDIs) taking into consideration the regulations of their target countries. For such matters, we work with our network of international affiliates.

Our lawyers can assist in preparing standard form or bespoke terms for the sale and purchase of goods or services, structure FDIs, draft joint venture agreements, and prepare international investment agreements.

Our mergers and acquisitions lawyers provide legal advice on all aspects of M&A transactions for public and private corporate clients, institutional investors and private individuals. We work with clients both in Singapore and internationally using our network of international affiliates. Our M&A lawyers work closely with our clients as every M&A deal is always about the clients’ commercial needs.

Our lawyers can assist in negotiations, structuring the transaction, corporate restructuring, preparing the documentation for the acquisition or disposal of shares and/or assets, shareholders agreements, investment agreements, and key employee service contracts.

By identifying, protecting and exploiting intellectual property rights at each stage of the innovation lifecycle, our team of lawyers provides strategic advice spanning all aspects of IP law, from brand protection using trademarks, copyright, patents and confidential information protection. Our services also include IP protection and portfolio management and advising on the commercialisation of IP assets including commercial transactions relating to the acquisition and development of innovative products and services.

Our lawyers can assist on trademark registration, patent registration, trademark licensing, patent licensing, trademark assignments, patent assignments, confidentiality agreements, copyright protection, copyright licensing, copyright assignments, and commissioned works.

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