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Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

We advocate passionately effective and enduring solutions to all disputes that have come to us. We thus champion ADR processes as the default pathways to dispute resolutions. ADR is lauded not only for its flexibility and speed to solving problems but also for the opportunities to uncovering the root of those problems. The added fact that they are confidential processes makes ADR the irresistible choice for disputes of all nature. We call this the peace approach.

In walking the talk, our lawyers have acquired specialist trainings and vast experiences as negotiators, mediation advocates, mediators, neutral evaluators and arbitration counsels.

Significantly, OTP’s peace approach involves an understanding that most problems are multi-faceted and that conflicts often have more than one cause.  Through our combined experiences in dispute resolution since 1988, we designed and built PF Restructure,  a cross-functioning initiative to problem solving with support from the disciplines of law, finance, psychology, mediation, counselling and therapy.

Combining with expertise of these other disciplines, we work tirelessly with our clients to determine the best of these peace approaches for their disputes. We are proud that our track record for resolution using ADR enjoys over 90% success of reaching settlements.