If you intend to commence divorce proceedings and you have a HDB flat as a matrimonial asset, you are required to send these standard queries to the HDB. The replies to these queries form part of the Proposed/Agreed Matrimonial Property Plan which you will have to file as part of your divorce papers. Without the replies, you will not be able to commence a divorce action unless special permission is granted by the court for you to do so or if you do not receive their replies within one month from the time you served the queries.

(…) That a divorcee’s beauty should be taken into consideration for her own future prospects of re-settling down with another – and consequently as grounds for deciding how much money she should be getting from her previous partner as a result – is not without merit. The moral implications of such evaluation, however, verily speaks of bias against a certain demographic of women whom psychological studies have shown usually enjoy rather favourable dispositions whilst dealing with society.

This Model Code outlines the minimum requirements for the protection of personal information whether or not in the form of electronic data (“personal data”). The Model code was first drafted by the Legal Sub- Committee of the National Internet Advisory Committee (NIAC). It was subsequently opened for public consultation by the Media Development Authority (MDA) and the National Trust Council (NTC) in February 2002.