(…) That a divorcee’s beauty should be taken into consideration for her own future prospects of re-settling down with another – and consequently as grounds for deciding how much money she should be getting from her previous partner as a result – is not without merit. The moral implications of such evaluation, however, verily speaks of bias against a certain demographic of women whom psychological studies have shown usually enjoy rather favourable dispositions whilst dealing with society.

The very function of procedural rules is as convoluted as the legal profession itself; strict adherence to the rules without exception is justified as a “must-have” to ensure that “justice must be seen to be done”. To the non-lawyer, these are technicalities which can be twisted into loopholes which allow wrongdoers to avoid paying for their sins. Submit the wrong form to apply for a claim, and your case gets struck out. Sue the wrong representative, and have your case thrown out the court window, or in more formal language, “dismissed with costs”.