OTP Law Corporation is a boutique InfoTech and Commercial law practice in Singapore. We cover both commercial transactional and litigation work. Our lawyers have developed the expertise needed to help our clients find the best practical solution to their problems.

OTP Law Corporation firmly believes in a growing need to widen the scope of specialist training. For lawyers, this means greater exposure to commercial activities and technological advances, especially in the field of information technology. To constantly improve the legal services we provide our clients, we place great emphasis in ensuring that our staff and lawyers acquire the necessary skills to use IT tools, the Internet, on-line information searching to various e-enabled government departments in Singapore; the Court Electronic Filing System; and the recently launched e-litigation system. At present training is provided both in-house and with external consultants to implement and maximise the use of the e-litigation for court documents.

Another area to which the firm is committed is the growing trend for businesses to be conducted across international boundaries. This should eventually involve more exchange of ideas and solutions between legal practitioners from different countries and jurisdictions.

The only limitation to the firm’s scope of expansion lies in the need to balance the economies of scale against the personal touch with clients. To this end, OTP Law Corporation seeks not only to grow with clients but also to grow to a level suitable to meet its clients’ needs.

OTP Law Corporation is the successor law practice of Ong Tay & Partners, a firm established since 1990.

In November 2013, OTP Law Corporation was named “Volunteer of the Year 2013 (Small-Sized Law Practices)” by the Law Society of Singapore.  The award is in recognition of our significant contributions to pro bono and other volunteer work.